Today, on Pancake Day- couples can be predictable and pernickety around the pan. Here are just a few things you might find familiar if you like to feast on the flats to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

Pancakes with your partner- perfect!

Pancakes with your partner- perfect!

You stock up- At no other time in the year do you buy flour, squeezy lemon and copious amounts of drizzly sauces- but you want a good selection when the time comes so you go a little overboard.

You both dream big- You think you can recreate pancakes of the same quality as the ones you’ve seen in the adverts and online- you have faith that you will have the skill to make the perfect pancake pile.  You’re wrong.

You line up your ingredients- Like little soldiers- ready to douse your cake from the pan in sweet, sickly loveliness.

Your first pancake always goes wrong- But you know that this is often the way before the masterpieces happen so you’re not too worried.

You both try flipping one- It’s a given- they do it on TV- you’ve got this. And the result is your ceiling gets to enjoy more pancakes than you do.

You aspire to eat them in a neat pile- Together at the table because that’s what you feel you should do. But then you can’t hold back and end up alternatively eating them by the hob because you’ve waited a whole year for this moment.

You both eat way too much- Well it’s not called ‘Fat Tuesday’ for nothing right? So you eat pancakes until you can eat no more… then give it ten and have another.

Discuss what you’re giving up for Lent- Neither of you is religious- but now you’re full to the brim- the thought of giving up sweet things sounds easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You both realise that 40 days is quite a long stretch- The thought of no sugar for all that time scares you both and the reality of how difficult it would be sets in.

You settle on something non-edible instead- You both talk about giving up phones after a certain time, restricting your TV viewing or forgoing sex all so you don’t have to sacrifice the tasty stuff.

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