Most couples will know that being stuck in a traffic jam with your loved one is a recipe for disaster because the following things are bound to happen at some pint. 

Predict what's causing the hold up

Predict what's causing the hold up

Declare how angry you are that you have to stop- And what you're going to miss or be late for- the passenger calls the relevant people in case you're going to be there a while.

Gesture wildly- The driver slams their hands on the wheel, grabs it tightly and tries to see what's happened by hanging out their window like a dog to let other drivers know how hacked off they are at being held up. The passenger gets on their phone to search for clues.

Try to blame it on each other- Whoever decided on taking the motorway or whichever one of you took the longest to get ready for departure is usually the one in the dog house.

One of you is more incensed than the other- And the calmer one of the two has to cool them down with rational phrases like- 'getting angry isn't going to make it move any faster.'

Conjure up a story in your head about why there's a jam- 'Cleary, someone's been driving too fast and crashed', 'I bet there's been a break down and they've closed the lanes', 'someone's not been careful in this weather!' even though you have no idea what's causing the hold up if there's no reception.

Turn on the radio and try to find out what's happened-Even though it's not going to make things any better for your current predicament because you've probably already passed the last exit of escape anyway.

One of you moans they need the toilet- And they talk about peeing in a bush by the side of the road, going in an empty pop bottle or just wetting the seats.

Compare it to other traffic jams you've been in together- 'It's not as bad as the time there was a cow in the road- we were stuck there for hours!' You both secretly hope that this isn't going to be a repeat of that day.

Get out snacks- One of you always carries nibbles and you're both thankful they do because nothing calms traffic jam rage like crunching on a boiled sweet.

Turn off the engine- There's no point in wasting fuel while you're stationary- and you hope that the universe will call your bluff and you'll have to turn it back on soon.

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