Today is National Lazy Day so to celebrate we have rounded up all the things you might find familiar if you are one of those lazy couples. 

The outside is a scary place

The outside is a scary place

You text each other from opposite ends of the room- You see something that will make them laugh on Facebook and rather than move across the couch and show them- you send them a message with the link in.

Dressing gowns and Pjs are widely accepted- Neither of you blink an eye when the other walks in dressed for bed at 6pm or doesn't get dressed all day.

You are expert nappers- Any time of day if one of you wants forty winks- the other will always oblige.

You've almost run out of things on Netflix- Because you have spent so many hours glued to your sofa watching boxsets- there is little left you haven't seen.

Food is generally oven or microwave ready or take out- What is this thing called cooking that non-lazy couple's do?

You live for your weekend lie ins together- You may have nothing else planned but those extra few hours in bed make it all worthwhile.

The cinema can be a stretch- Yes- it is trading one screen for another and it involves sitting down- but you can't be bothered to drive there, buy your tickets and get snacks when you can virtually do the same thing from home.

You don't get washed until late in the day when you're off- You don't have to shower for work so you rebel and wait until tea time when you can take a long bath together just because you can.

If something falls on the floor- You both register the fall, neither of you bothers to pick it up and maybe in a few days one of you will get the inclination.

You try to pass off easy jobs- You have a game of whose turn is it to load the dishwasher and take out the rubbish by coming up with things you've done for each other by way of a trade off.

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