Girly night in

Girly night in

The Ten Com-man-dments were revealed today of the unspoken rules of being a mate with a guy, which only 39% of men are said to follow. Four in ten men admitted that they had broken this code at least once by betraying their friend’s trust.

The top ten Com-man-dments are as follows:

  1. Thou shalt not sleep with thy mates’ mum or sister
  2. Thou shalt not lie to thy mates
  3. Thou shalt not dodge buying a round of drinks when the time comes
  4. Thou shalt not break under questioning from a mate’s girlfriend
  5. Thou shalt not question the lies a mate is telling in public or call him out in company
  6. Thou shalt not tag your mates in questionable images online/take over their social accounts
  7. Thou shalt not turn down a friend in need of a night out
  8. Thou shalt not take credit for another man’s joke
  9. Thou shalt not gush with affection over Facebook for thy girlfriend/infant
  10. Thou shalt not talk about anything other than sports during a sports game


Emerge found that one in ten men had slept with their mate’s mother or sister and 14% said that they had taken credit for a mate’s joke. Not surprisingly, the average man will only trust one in three of his mates.

The only time that these rules can be broken are when they are dunk or if they are getting somewhere with a woman, at which point they become blurred and forgivable.

If a man wrongs his friend there is an average wait of 56 days before he is forgiven and they have a total of two chances before they are no longer classed as a mate material.

Calli O’Brien, Brand Manager for Emerge, said:

“Whilst this research was only intended as a bit of light-hearted fun, it was interesting to see the types of social boundaries the modern man keeps in mind. Although the ‘bro-code’ concept itself seems to be limited to younger men, the emphasis on loyalty was visible throughout the results. In fact, 62 per cent of the men we surveyed felt that males were more loyal to their friends than females and almost half said that it was vital that they could count on their mates when needed.”

Continues Calli:

“With the results in mind, and as part of our ‘Sorts You Right Out’ campaign, we have decided to hold an online confessional session through our Twitter feed. Held between 1-2pm on the on the 9th August, we’ll be offering advice for those wanting to discuss their social sins further and a cheeky prize or two for our favourite stories.”


Well if the men have a list then I figured that us ladies need one too, do you agree?


The Ten Womandments

Thou shalt not sleep with thy mates Dad (even if he is a Liam Neeson lookalike), but a little harmless flirting is ok.

Thou shalt not lie (unless it is about how fat an outfit makes you look)

Thou should help your friends get men to buy them drinks on a night out

Thou should aim to find out as much info about your mates boyfriend as possible to see if you and your partner are a better couple

Thou shalt not question a lie that a mate tells in public (especially if it about dress size or weight)

Thou shalt not tag your friends in a picture of them where they are looking rough

Thou shalt not turn down a girlie night in to talk about boys, pamper each other, watch chick flicks and drink wine

Thou shalt not copy another friend’s haircut or dress sense

Thou must gush with affection about their relationship or infant over Facebook to make all their ‘friends’ from school jealous of their progress in life

Thou shalt not talk about anything other than future diets and exercise while you are eating chocolate.

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