So you thought you knew a romantic gesture when you saw one? A romantic weekend away, flowers, a teddy bear, a love letter, the list goes on. The sad fact is that men think very differently when it comes to their definition of a romantic gesture according to Sandals Resorts. Although they may acknowledge those things mentioned above as being romantic, there is a much more extensive list of things they do for us that we haven’t even realised are romantic.



Ahem, mainly because they’re not!




Putting the bins out- if we were going to assign a job to you, this would be yours, so it’s not a romantic gesture- this is man’s work!  

Doing the dishes without being asked- Unless you are going to simulate the scene in Ghost with bubbles, don’t expect to be thanked!

Offering to make a cup of tea- I don’t drink tea so this is not romantic in the slightest! Make me a Malibu and Coke? Now we’re talking! But you make drinks for your mother- this isn’t romantic!

Saying ‘I love you’- Now this one is nice! There is no limit to how much he can use this one! And whoop the first gesture that is romantic (in 4th place!)

Opening a door for her- We are strong and independent but there is something wonderfully nostalgic about having the door opened for us!

Making the bed- Coming back to a hump of old sheets when the bedroom is our sanctuary- we want to lie down, not start the hospital bed sheet fold, so advantageous but not romantic. Romantic would be- you naked in them holding a rose!

Listening to my partner talk or moan about her day without complaining- Communication is important- we listen to you moan about yours so return the favour!

A kiss or hug goodbye- It’s much better than absent minded wave as you set off for work in the morning or when you return at night. A kiss before the moaning commences can reduce work related stress slightly too! Romantic, we agree!

Leaving notes- As long as id doesn’t say ‘get milk’ a note telling you that he loves you can brighten even the most frustrating of days! We like this one too! (Hey, it’s getting better!)

Treating her to a day at the spa- Bingo! This is the perfect way to get rid of us so you do some of the other things on this list (we know your thought process), but it’s so worth it!

Doing the ironing without being asked- If you want to look smart- iron your own clothes, if you forget to do it the day before you are required to be in a suit don’t come hollering! This is not romantic- NOT!

Putting the toilet seat down- Is it ever up in B and Q? No. Just because you don’t have to make the effort in urinals, doesn’t mean that doing it at home earns you any brownie points!

Agreeing to let them choose the film- Watching a chick flick rather than an action film certainly put us in a better mood. It’s about give and take if we have watched a Bruce/Arnie/Sylvester/Jason flick last time its polite not romantic to switch!

Give her flowers or chocolates- Now you are talking! Unexpected gifts! It shows that you think about more than just work and masturbating!

Surprise night out or weekend away- As long as it is not in a tent in the arse end of nowhere in the rain, this could be deemed romantic!

Letting my partner take control of the TV remote- no way! This is simply a surrender of power.

Clearing the toilets- Na-ah!

Cleaning up after myself- this is something your mother teaches you from being a kid- why is the romantic? Oh right- it’s not!

Candlelit dinner- Excellent! I was starting to lose faith! Now we are getting somewhere! Just like in he movies!

Remembering anniversaries or birthdays- If you don’t then you are not worthy of the name ‘boyfriend’ or access to our vagina. This is an unwritten rule.

Paying her a compliment- We pluck, we shave, we apply, we style and what do you do? Wash and brush your teeth! Yes we should have a compliment, not because it’s romantic, because we put more effort in than you to look decent!

Going for a walk together- Walking and talking is romantic- we get that!

Give her a massage or foot rub- Ding, ding, ding! Great, but this should be a nightly thing while watching TV not just to be romantic!

Making breakfast in bed- Lovely! But what are the chances you will be up before me?

Running her a bath- You acknowledge that we need a rest- I guess this could be mildly romantic!

Doing the vacuuming- The only household task that you seem to not mind doing and you do it quite well. It’s not romantic but it certainly helps us out!

Putting a load of washing on- Although you have no idea how to empty jean pockets, or separate your socks, we appreciate the effort, but when we have to do it again when the washer brakes, we wish you hadn’t bothered!

Go shopping or on a family day out with them instead of watching/playing football- Football can be seen on catch up TV, as with every programme that is on TV. You can sit on your ass when you are old and retired!

Overall there are a few lights at the end of the tunnel in this list, showing that men are not completely clueless when it comes to romance, however a big bop on the head for some of the others! If we had sex with you as much as you cleaned the toilet then the human race would cease to procreate! 

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