Airwick has identified some of the best loved smells by Brits. We find out what the following smells conjure up for us about our partners or relationships. Do you agree or do these smells bring up different memories for you? 

Freshly washed hair

Freshly washed hair

The sea breeze- Your honeymoon or a holiday that you really enjoyed together.

Baking- The smell of that Birthday cake he made you as a surprise on your special day.

Fish and chips- Reminds you of walking along the beach on one of your first dates trying not to get your hair in your tomato sauce.

Cut grass- When you watch him topless in your back garden and get a cheeky eyeful.

Coffee- The precursor to all of your meaningful chats after work.

Pine trees- Your first Christmas together.

Sunday roast- Your quality weekend time- just the two of you- relaxed cooking and lazy days.

Bacon- Breakfast in bed!

Fresh linen- Snuggling up next to each other in bed after wash day.

Freshly cut flowers- That he bought you- just because he could.

Perfume- The bottle he bought you for your birthday- still standing on your dressing table for use on special occasions.

Roses- Every Valentine's Day you have celebrated together.

Lavender- He sprayed it on your pillow when you couldn't get to sleep.

Wood smoke- When you went on your first camping trip together.

The forest / woods- Walking hand in hand through the trees.

Log fires- That cottage you stayed in for a romantic getaway- he still has pictures of you curled up on the sofa asleep.

Freshly cleaned house- Taking pride in your new home.

Vanilla- The dessert you told him he would love and now eats nothing else after a meal.

The beach- Your first picnic by the sea.

Candles- To celebrate your first anniversary together- laid out on the table between a home cooked meal.

Barbeques- Unplanned Saturdays that turn into alfresco meals.

Chocolate- Your stocking was brimming with it from him at Christmas.

Coconut- Cocktails on holiday.

Cinnamon- Apple crumble by a log fire in a pub in the middle of nowhere.

Country air- A drive together to see where the road takes you.

Babies- The dream of family one day.

Aftershave- When he is suited up for a special occasion.

Freshly washed hair- A shower you shared together.

Doughnuts- Your Christmas markets snack of choice while you browse.

New car- Your joint investment for new adventures.

Leather- The bag he bought you to celebrate your victory.

New books- Like the ones you pack excitedly in your suitcase for your holiday together.

Rain- When you get caught in a downpour, but it's warm and instead of running inside you share a passionate kiss.

Christmas cake- Your first joint cooking effort.

Petrol- Your last fill up before a road trip with your man.

Matches- Lighting candles for some intimate bedroom time.

Biscuits-A trip to a coffee shop to sit and chat like in the movies.

Marzipan- You put a slice of Christmas Cake out for Santa because you are both still big kids at heart.

Bonfires- Wrapped up tight in his embrace as you look up to the sky.

Sun cream- Quality time from work on a beach somewhere where the world can't find you.

Popcorn- Huddled in the dark together in the cinema.

Cheese- The end to a romantic meal together.

Wine- The beginning of a free weekend together.

The survey was commissioned by AirWick to celebrate their new National Parks range.

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