Over 60% of students flirt with their lecturer.

Over 60% of students flirt with their lecturer.

A study by shagatuni.com has found that over half of students have confessed to being sexually attracted to their lecturers.

But this isn’t a case of an innocent high-school crush; one fifth of these students admitted to acting on their attraction and engaging in sexual contact with their fatal attraction, with over 60% filling seminar time with flirtatious fun.

Tom Thurlow, creator of the site, said: ‘Let’s be honest here, everybody knows at least one student who has been attracted to a lecturer at their university, so why should it be so shocking to find out that relationships are formed when lecturers also develop these feelings towards their pretty young students?’

Since witnessing an increase in the number of university professionals joining the UK’s leading student dating site, researchers have found the hotspots for these lusting lecturers and the number of students brave enough to bed their crush.

With the University of Sussex  topping the chart as the most likely place to come across raunchy student/lecturer relations, the team at shagatuni.com dug deeper to uncover in which departing  the cluprets might be lurking.

Obviously inspired by Shakespeare's lustful language, English lecturers top the chart of most tempted tutors.

1.       English- 12%

2.       Music- 9%

3.       Business- 7%

4.       Science- 4%

5.       History- 3%

Tom suggested the reason behind the findings:  ‘The fact that English teachers emerged as the most likely to develop sexual feelings or relationships with their students certainly makes sense if you consider the fact that those who teach English are likely to be well-read and able to recite romantic poetry to their students at the drop of hat.’

‘Yes it might be controversial and frowned upon to engage in a student/teacher relationship, but if we are talking about two willing and consenting adults, no damage is really being done.’

Do you know any body whose extra-curricula activities involved a bit of ‘private tuition?’

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