Women Think Social Networks are Killing Romance

Women Think Social Networks are Killing Romance

Every woman longs for the perfect gentleman, the Mr Darcy type to come and sweep her off her feet.

Once upon a time this wouldn't have been such as difficult man to find, with plenty of them in supply.

Now, unfortunately, romantic men are few and far between and British women believe it is down to social networking sites.

Nearly three quarters of British women believe that Facebook and Twitter are leading to the downfall of romance.

A further 80 per cent of women said that they believe Britain is far less romantic than it was in the past.

More than eight out of ten women said they would prefer a beautiful handwritten love letter on Valentine's Day.

Nearly 80 per cent said that they would be extremely unhappy to receive their message via Facebook or Twitter.

To add to this, 14 per cent said they would be so angry that they would in fact dump their partner because of it!

And if you thought that text talk was super sexy, then think again.

Nearly all of the women surveyed by Escentual.com said that text talk was completely unromantic and a massive turn off!

Women said the gifts they most look forward to are a weekend away, high-end perfume and make-up, and luxury Flowers.

The worst gifts a woman can be given on Valentine's Day are tacky lingerie, cheap jewellery and cheap wine.

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