It’s a well-known fact that porn is an inaccurate portrayal of love making, so much so that 52-year-old Cindy Gallop has set out to re-educate those who watch it and believe that’s what a sex life should be like.

Make Love Not Porn

Make Love Not Porn

The British born New York based business woman has set up a new adult website,, with the aim to give young men a realistic portrayal of sex.

She believes that young men these days get too much of their sexual ‘education’ from porn films and that it causes them to be inconsiderate lovers.

She hopes that her new website will act as sex education for these young men and others.

She told The Observer, “When you have sex with younger men you see the creeping ubiquity of hardcore porn in the culture, in an era where it is more freely and widely available than ever before and kids are accessing it younger and younger.”

Although Cindy believes that porn is too hardcore and untruthful, she also believes that children and teens aren’t being given enough information by their parents or sex education teachers about how to develop healthy sexual relationships.

Her new website shows couples and singles engaging in real life sexual activity but with the passion that is missing from normal porn.

Cindy said, “I wanted to separate the myths of hardcore porn behaviour from the reality of healthy but hot sexual relationships.”

One of the most popular videos on the site shows a couple who are involved in the porn industry making love as they would at home, with each partner sharing equal pleasure and control.

Cindy believes it is crucial to do this “so that young men don't think that [porn is] always the normal way of behaving in the bedroom and their girlfriends don't have to pretend to like it.”

The site is expected to go fully live before the end of the year and visitors can pay $5 per video. The site is for over 18’s but Cindy hopes to make gift vouchers available for young teens for the purpose of sex education.

What do you think, do you think the site is a good idea or just fuelling the increased amount of porn available on the internet?

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