Forget The Gym, Get To The Bedroom!

Forget The Gym, Get To The Bedroom!

Not only is the bedroom a lot more fun than the gym but it allows you to swap the treadmill for sensation filled sex toys.

On average, sex can burn between 150-250 calories every half an hour so making sex last longer is something that will not only benefit your pleasure, but your waistline too!

To make your man last longer so that you can go all night, invest in some desensitising performance spray, it’s sprayed directly onto the penis to prevent his orgasm, making him last longer so that you can burn more calories!

To get you all hot under the collar for your man, why not indulge in some self-satisfaction before he comes home to join you?

The Mitzi, available from, focuses on clitoral stimulation to give you the best orgasms. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and has soft silicone ears to provide you intense pleasure right where you want it.

Most women can only orgasm with clitoral stimulation so when your man comes home, you can get him to join in and show him the meaning of great sex.

Sex toys aren’t purely to help women, men can benefit from them too and with the We Vibe 3 couples sex toy, you can turn the heat right up for the both of you.

It’s worn during sex to give you both intense pleasure and maximise your orgasms. Just add some water based lube to one of the arms, insert it and then use the remote control to start the vibrations to your g-spot and clitoris.

Invite your man to join so he can benefit from it too! It’s made for silicone, is rechargeable and has six different power settings to choose from, why wouldn’t you want one?

Not all couples like to introduce sex toys into the bedroom, but there’s no doubt that they make for a healthy sex life and can help to shed the pounds too!


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