Rihanna and Chris Brown has been thought to reconcile their differences last year when Rihanna forgave Brown and let him back in her life, despite the fact that he was still on probation for assaulting her back in 2009.

The couple met controversy as they entered a relationship once again but they have since called time on their relationship multiple times.

After being seen partying separately recently, rumours have once again surfaced that the couple are facing problems.

This was highlighted once again after Rihanna admitted that she did not understand love to the crowd at her show at the Staples Center on Monday night.

She reportedly said to the crowd, “How many of you are in love?

“How many of you hate love? How many of you don't f**king understand it? I'm in that group.”

Despite this confession, friends of the pair say that they are both simply very busy and this is why they haven’t been spending as much time together.

Rihanna is currently on her Diamonds world tour which sees her playing multiple dates all over the world.

Brown is also said to be very busy as he is preparing to release his new album X, meaning that he can’t spend as much time as he wants to with Rihanna.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown should weather the storm or call time on their relationship for the last time?

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