Men and sizes

Men and sizes

When it comes to knowing about their wife or girlfriends British men are a massive let down.

Half of British men don’t know their own wife or girlfriend’s dress size – according to a recent poll almost half, (46%,) of men did not have a clue about their partner’s dress measurements, with only 28% able to recall their partner’s bra size, and only 62%, knew their partner’s shoe size.

Lingerie present - don't plan on it fitting

In the fragarences stakes a mere 31%, did not have a clue of their partner’s favourite perfume and even less, 12%, didn’t know their preferred cuisine.

The dismal showing continued with only one in ten respondents, having a clue about their lady’s favourite musician or band, and adding insult to injury a feeble five per cent could not even remember their anniversary, and 1% were unable to recall their partner’s birthday.

However, an overwhelming majority, 73%, felt that it was not essential that they knew things like their partner’s dress or shoe size.

On the positive side 92% of men the most important thing they knew about their wife or girlfriend was what made her happy - or was this an easy out.

Shoes - don't expect your man to buy you shoes

A spokeswoman for the company responsible for the survey said: “It may not seem important to men, but if your husband or boyfriend can’t even recall the most basic facts about you, it’s pretty hurtful.

“The main thing it shows is that he doesn’t listen to you, and listening to one another is the bedrock of any relationship.

“I can forgive a guy for not knowing my dress size as in fairness they differ from one shop to the next, but not knowing my birthday is inexcusable.”

One man said of the poll: “I hate shopping for clothes, in fact I spend most of the time checking the football results whilst my girlfriend drags me round the shops - it’s no wonder I haven’t got a clue about what her dress size is.

“I don’t even know what bra size she is – every time we go into lingerie section I go bright red and don’t know where to look. I spend most of the time with my eyes firmly fixed on the floor.”

Another man said: “As far as I’m concerned, knowing your lady’s favourite perfume is essential - this means her Christmas and birthday presents are sorted for at least the next five years.

“I don’t know what dress size my girlfriend is but if she asked me, I’d always opt for a size smaller than I actually think.”

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