Most Brits spend nearly two hours a day dreaming about what could have been according to Quidco as many think that their current life is as 'dull as ditch water' and 'needs more excitement'.

Do your dreams match your reality?

Do your dreams match your reality?

76% of Brits consider how their life could have turned out and have to accept the harsh reality that they are not living the life they really wanted to.

So what do Brits believe would make their life better?

More money- 42% have regrets over not saving enough money and think how much money they could have if they had just lived within their means earlier in life.

A new job- Only 10% of Brits believe that they are working in their dream job and nearly 80% think that they don't have a chance at ever landing their perfect role.

A new house- 15% wish they had got onto the property ladder sooner or wish they could so they could have their own space.

A better body- Many think about all the opportunities they had to exercise and eat better- only to still have the same body shape and size, despite its knock on effect on their confidence.

A different partner- 31% regret not marrying 'the one' and believe that they are with the wrong person now but have gone too far down the road to turn back.

Leaving everything behind- 52% regret not travelling more or taking a gap year to experience different cultures and see more of the world.

Apparently, 32 is the age at which we supposedly give up on our hopes and dreams- consequently 68% want to start over and live their lives again.

So why do people give up? Well, there is strongly held belief by Brits that they don't have the natural talent to live out their dreams. Many said they don't know how to get into their dream jobs while others admit that they didn't work hard enough in school to deserve it.

Vix Leyton, for cashback and rewards site Quidco, who commissioned the study said: "The interesting thing about what Brits tend to dream about is that a lot of them they can still influence and change. Whilst getting super-rich might require a certain amount of luck as well as skill, dreams like having a better body, a new job or a new house are within their control, even if it takes a long time to get there.

Similarly those who regret not saving more, getting on the property ladder or travelling - there is still time to start working towards making these dreams come true. While making small changes won't seismically shift your way of life, if it's pledging to spend an extra hour with your family, you can improve your life immediately with some quick wins."

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