Ascot Racecourse has found that the nation would most like to have a pub lock in with Miranda Hart. Given that the chances of this happening are pretty slim, we take a look at why your partner is the best drinking buddy you could ever ask for.

You can dirty dance!

You can dirty dance!

You take care of each other- Even if you're both drunk- he waits outside the toilet, holds your hand through crowds and guards your drinks for you.

You talk about things you wouldn't normally- Getting drunk brings up some unusual topics of conversation for couples. Stuff you might not have the guts to bring up sober or random things that pop into your mind that make no sense the next day- or ever.

You know who you're going home with- There's no pressure to pull- you know you'll be sharing a taxi home with your partner who won't use you for sex and then ditch you the next day.

You make the effort- You both take some time out to look good for one another and remind your partner how lucky he is to have you and vice versa.

You know the sex will be great- If you have sex at the end of the night- there may by some drunken fumbling but you will wake up next to him, satisfied and loved. Not to an empty space with the regret of a one night stand and memories of a mediocre romp in the sack.

You don't mind when your partner gets approached by other women- Nothing feels as good as when your man pulls you in close and kisses you to show her that he's taken.

You get to flirt- Alcohol can make you a little cheeky with your conversation and it feels like the first date exchanges you shared at the beginning of your relationship are happening all over again.

You don't have to leave the house- It's cheaper to stay in- get drunk and do everything you would in a pub or club- but at home. Talk, have sex, play games- anything goes.

It takes the pressure off- When all you talk about is work and family problems- it can be nice just to leave that all behind and let your hair down. Drink, talk, flirt- do everything like you're on holiday and forget about your joint responsibilities for a while.

You can dirty dance- Breaking out a dirty dance when you're at a wedding or birthday party might not go down well with the folks. Out in a club where no one knows you- you can be naughtier with your dance moves and tease each other for when you get home.

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