There are no expectations- If you drop food on you, it's ok, you're not at the table so it's all good. This is a safe place where no-one will judge you.



It sets the tone for the evening- If you start with a TV dinner- you know that it's going to be a relaxing one. So if neither of you wants to leave the house, this is a good way to signal a quiet night in.

You can do it in your pjs- It wouldn't feel quite right eating your dinner at the table in the your onesie, but when you're on the couch- anything goes and you can allow yourself some food baby room in your baggiest of pjs.

Sometimes you don't feel like talking- There are moments when you come in from work and it's been so bad, you just need to sit, watch some trash on TV and eat- that is all.

You are still doing something together- You may not be talking but to be in the same room as your partner and know they are there if you need them is sometimes enough.

They are a great way to unwind- There is nothing more indulgent than eating with your feet up to something really good on the box, with your partner alongside.

It signals to others not to visit- If they ask you what you're doing and you say 'TV dinner' chances are they will take the hint that you're not in the mood for extra company.

You can play the night by ear- After you're done- you have the flexibility to stay up really late or have an early one- there's no pressure to do either- it's just what you fancy at the time.

They were made for Friday nights- If you're a bit shell shocked by the time Friday comes around- the likelihood is, you're not going to want to go out once you arrive back at home following your fifth day at work. Consequently, you can look forward to this informal way of eating each week and not have to give your evening meal a second thought when the weekend beckons.

They are perfect for take ways- If you get one delivered to your house, then you can eat it right out of the packaging- all you need is a tray. No fuss, no effort- just a low maintenance date night.

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