Today is National Butterscotch Brownie Day- If you're going to make them any time- this would be the most appropriate day to get cracking!

Look at it- isn't that reason enough?!

Look at it- isn't that reason enough?!

Chocolate puts you in the mood- According to chocolate encourages the production of endorphins associated with a healthy sexual relationship. It also contains phenylethylamine which stimulates the release of dopamine into the pleasure centres of the brain that are associated with an orgasm.

Eggs are also good for your sex life- Eggs have high amounts of protein so they will keep you going all night long. They also have high amounts of amino acids that reduce heart problems and erectile dysfunction.

It's something new- Baking is probably not an activity you do together all that often so it gives you something fresh to do together rather than just throwing something in the microwave with little thought or care.

You can turn it into an afternoon tea- Instead of having your usual for your evening meal- why not make up some little sandwiches and have the brownies as the sweet treat at the end of your afternoon tea? You can set the table, put everything out on cake stands and really make an event out of it. It beats another meal off your lap in front of the TV and gives you chance to talk.

It gives you something to look forward to- At the end of a busy day- knowing you are going to go home and make something sweet and delicious with your loved one gives you something to aim for.

It encourages you to leave your digital devices alone- Drop the I pad, hide your phone and turn off the TV- it's time to do something that doesn't involve any screen time- for once!

It involves team work- If only one of you cooks or you alternate from night to night- this can be a way for you to work together on a culinary creation. You might end up fighting and doing it all yourself, or you might just find that you actually work quite well together in the kitchen and do it more often.

It might encourage you to bake more things together- This could be your thing- you could be the couple who always brings round sweet indulgences at house parties and social gatherings. Creations that people look forward to, talk about and put in orders for.

They're delicious- If nothing else- you get to eat brownies together and what could be better than that?

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