To celebrate National Left Handers Day- we take a look at the importance of holding hands with your loved one when you're out and about. 

It feels good!

It feels good!

It offers feelings of comfort, protection and safety- Even when you're older, you can still walk in the street without looking or not be aware of what you might bump into. When you hold hands, you have a second pair of eyes to watch your step when you're not paying close attention to looking after yourself.

It says 'I love you' without words- A simple hand lock says 'I care about you' and 'I love you' but you don't need to say anything just a touch is enough.

It intensifies your feelings for one another- An unexpected touch can send your heart racing- in a nutshell- physical intimacy makes for better relationships because it's a constant reminder that your partner can't keep their hands off you- even in public.

It says 'you're not alone'- Even if your mind wanders as you walk, this is a reminder that despite your distractions, there is still someone next to you to talk to when you're ready and keeping you company even if you're not totally in the moment.

It fulfils a basic human need- Humans need to be touched- it makes them feel physically and mentally good. Holding hands releases endorphins- so if you want to put your partner in a good mood- hold their hand!

It communicates to others that your proud to be with your partner- It's a means of showing off your partner to the world- 'look at my partner, aren't I lucky?!' it's a form of bragging without verbalising it to everyone around you.

They're taken- For anyone who wants to approach your partner- it gets the message across- 'he/she is with me- so don't even bother'.

It beats gloves- Would you rather wear gloves or hold hands with your lover? It's a no brainer!

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