Today is National Yorkshire Pudding Day so it would be rude not to go for a cavery with your loved one this evening. Right?!

It's way easier than cooking a roast at home!

It's way easier than cooking a roast at home!

It makes you sit at the table- You may be one of those couples that relies on TV dinners Monday to Sunday- but when you go out for a carvery- you have to sit at the table and make an occasion of it.

It gives you that Sunday feeling- If one or both of you have had a bad week, it can be just the thing you need to perk you up and help you look forward to the weekend.

It pleases everyone- You can chose exactly what you each fancy and how much of it you want. If one of you eats meat and the other doesn't- you can pick and choose to suit. If one of you has a heartier appetite than the other, there is always the upgrade for the one who can put away larger portions.

It's much less effort than cooking at home- No-one wants to set to and make a roast dinner during the week so it's a great way to satisfy your cravings for something traditionally British without the fuss. Or if neither of you can cook- it's also a get out clause!

It stops you missing out- If you're busy on Sunday and won't find the time for a roast with Yorkshires, it means you can still enjoy one of the week's greatest pleasures- just at a different time.

It gets you out the house- If you have eaten in every night this week, it can feel like a treat but for relatively little expense, so it's well worth a change in scenery.

It encourages conversation- You might typically sit beside each other on the couch where there's no incentive to talk. By simply sitting opposite one another at a table, you can discuss your day, make plans for the near or distant future and discuss the food.

It's cheap and cheerful- If you can't afford a posh meal out- this can be a more affordable option- you can usually pick up a big carvery and a drink for around a tenner each so it won't break the bank.

It gives you your five a day- It's not often that you can get your five a day in one meal- with a carvery- it's possible. If you're getting all the nutrition you need you won't be grabbing the junk food for dessert because your body will be more than satisfied, leaving time when you get home for other activities. Speaking of which...

It improves your sex life- Many of the vegetables you eat as part of your carvery can aid your intimate activities. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium and help to fight high blood pressure, which is associated with higher rates of erectile dysfunction. They also have beta carotene which provides the body with vitamin A- this is helpful in couples with infertility issues.

The onions in your gravy and the apple in your sauce are rich in quercetin, an anti-oxidant called flavonoid, which controls symptoms of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate which can make sex difficult) and promotes circulation.

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