It's National Fish and Chip Day- So what better time to celebrate than with an already made meal from some newspaper?

They're yummy!

They're yummy!

They're easy- Let's face it- no one likes to cook on a Friday night. After the last day of the week at work, all you want to do is collapse on the couch and have your tea made for you.

They require no washing up- Or loading the dishwasher if you're lucky enough to have one. Therefore, there's no fighting over whose job it is to clear away the plates and cutlery. All you have to do is bin the paper and that's not too much effort now is it?

They're flexible- If one of you doesn't eat meat- you can just have the chips and mushy peas with lashings of tomato sauce. Pure bliss!

They're quick- Unlike other takeout foods, you might have to wait for, fish and chips are genuinely fast food. They're cooked and wrapped in a moment so if you're both hungry after work, you don't have to wait too long until you can feast.

They're outdoorsy food- If you don't live by the sea, it's ok, because you can still sit out in the garden with them and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. If you do live by the sea, they are the perfect excuse to leave your house and enjoy them as they were intended.

They're the perfect food for Friday night TV binge watching- All you have to do is throw your newspaper package on a tray, locate the remote and your night is pretty much sorted.

They're nostalgic- Fish and chips are bound to put you both in a good mood because they remind everyone of holidays and days out at the seaside. They might even inspire you to take a trip somewhere by the water over the weekend.

They're cheap- Compared to a meal out and other takeout options, they're one of the more affordable varieties. So they won't break the bank and you usually get a few extra chips so you always feel like you're getting your money's worth.

They're a well-deserved treat- When you can't afford a slap up meal out in a fancy restaurant you need something to reward yourselves after a week at work, packed lunches and homemade evening meals. What better way than with the little bundle of joy we call a chippy tea?

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