Full pyjama set

Full pyjama set

Ergoflex, found that men find a full pyjama set more attractive on their girlfriends than lingerie, whereas for the ladies, they dread it if their man rocks on up to bed in a football shirt.


Surprisingly, sleeping naked was bottom of the list for men as acceptable nightwear or lack thereof, with only 16% of the votes. Pyjamas got a huge 37% of the vote, closely followed by lingerie at 32%. Apparently men are not as fond of negligées as we once thought, with only 27% having this as their preference. Only 22% liked to see their partners in their old shirts or pyjamas.


55% said that a full pyjama set made their partner look cute while in bed and 21% said that wrapping up was sexier than having everything on display.


Women liked to see their men in boxers, with a huge 35% of the vote, closely followed by pyjamas bottoms. Unlike men, women were not big fans of the full pyjama set with only 24% thinking that this was a good idea for night time apparel. 16% went for the onesie and only3% liked the man supporting their favourite team while letting out the zs.


The shocking truth is that women like their men to wear less and men like their ladies to wear more.


71% of men and 35% of women said that they would not consider what their partner found tractive in bed when deciding what to put on. 78% of females and 70% of men were more preoccupied with comfort as opposed to getting their partner hot under the collar at bed time.


49% however revealed that their partner had remarked at how unattractive they have found their bed wear in the past.



Jed MacEwan, Managing Director of Ergoflex UK, commented on the findings:


“Comfort should be paramount when it comes to bed wear, as what you wear can seriously affect the quality of the night’s sleep you get. Temperature, movement restrictions or an uncomfortable fit can all have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep, causing you to toss and turn as your body struggles to find an adequate comfort level. Temperature in particular is vital, as the body needs to be able to cool to a certain point before sleep can take place, and it’s also vital you’re not too hot or cold during the night. It’s therefore more important than you might think to choose your bed wear wisely. It’s good to see that so many men consider full pyjama sets to be more attractive- particularly for those who take their partner’s preferences into consideration. Choosing a good-quality set of pyjamas made from natural material like cotton is a great way to ensure the optimum temperature for great sleep.”


The great news is that the ladies don’t have to spend a lot of money on lacy, sexy negligees for bed time anymore and can head for a cheaper option. Nor does it mean that we have to be uncomfortable from underwires and wedgies all night in bed anymore! Hurrah!


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  1. by bex 28th Aug 2013 09:17

    total shocker! But im happy i can sleep in comfort now!

  2. by mostirreverent 29th Aug 2013 06:46

    pyjama set made their partner look cute

    couldn't agree more, especially flannel. It also clings to curves, accentuates bottoms, and feel so nice to have a breast slipping in the fabric beneath your hands. Kissing a woman between her legs in this fabric is also very nice, as it is soft, and give one more wrapping to undo, and knowing there is more soft sweetness waiting for you under the soft fabric.

  3. by Starshine 31st Aug 2013 05:28

    I always sleep naked. Have done since my early teens.

  4. by Rip Van Fish 31st Aug 2013 21:06

    Starshine wrote:I always sleep naked. Have done since my early teens.


  5. by Cementups 01st Sep 2013 07:18

    Starshine wrote:I always sleep naked. Have done since my early teens.

    And we men appreciate that and prefer it.

  6. by PlasticAnnArbor 08th Sep 2013 05:22

    I knew there was a reason i liked clear plastic pj's .The soft euroflex pvc is nice and very soft to the touch .

  7. by mostirreverent 08th Sep 2013 08:04

    PlasticAnnArbor wrote:I knew there was a reason i liked clear plastic pj's .The soft euroflex pvc is nice and very soft to the touch .

    pvc soft yes, but even with a tackifier, it has high coefficient of friction. There is nothing like a soft bottom in flannel. its softer than flesh!