Or is it wrong?

Or is it wrong?

Mobile phone checker found that men are more likely to get a quick snoop of their partner’s phones than women are. They look for messages from other men and evidence that they have been unfaithful; however they are less likely to admit to it than women. A huge three fifths of men do this compared to only a third of women.


62% of men admitted to the offence, compared to only 34% of women. The main reason for doing this is to check that their partner has not been sending inappropriate messages to the opposite sex, 89%. 52% even have the password to their partner’s phone in order to carry out the task.


Bethany said:


‘I looked through my ex’s phone and found messages from the girl before me. She was clearly gauging whether we were still together so she could make her move if we had broken up. It caused a massive argument and not long after we broke up.’


Shockingly 48% had found something incriminating on their partner’s phone, 53% of which were via text message and 42% over Facebook. 59% of women said that they would confess to snooping to confront their partner about their infidelity, compared to 37% of men who would bring it up.


Linzi said:


‘I trust my partner implicitly but I can’t help having a snoop to see if he has been moaning about me to his friends!’


Ironically, 31% said if they found their partner checking their phone that they would consider ending the relationship; however 36% were careful and didn’t leave their phone unattended for their partner to have a quick look through it.


Adam Cable, Director of Mobile Phone Checker made the following comment on the results of the study:


“No one can deny that it’s hard to resist looking at a partner’s phone if the opportunity arises to have a sneaky peek. Our findings reveal a pretty surprising trend of snooping in the UK though, particularly amongst men- which may be a sign that mobiles are either making it more difficult for couples to build trust in a relationship, or simply making it easier for people to spy on their partner’s actions! Whatever the motivation may be for this behaviour, I now can’t help but wonder just how many take their phones to the toilet with them to avoid being snooped on. Let’s just hope they wash their hands after!”



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