One in Ten Brits Never Say ‘I Love You’ to Their Partner

One in Ten Brits Never Say ‘I Love You’ to Their Partner

Showing your partner that you love them is an important part of any relationship but, sadly, one in ten British couples never tell their partner they love them.

Instead, they choose to display their love by cooking, cleaning, being affectionate and making one another laugh.

For those who do tell their partner that they love them, the most common time is after a long, stressful week.

The research found that the most common time to whisper ‘I love you’ to your partner was a Saturday night, around 10pm.

It’s thought that this is a popular time as the week is over and couples have settled into the weekend and feel more relaxed and romantic.

Antonia Hurford-Jones Director of Sky Living, who conducted the research to launch the TV show ‘It’s Love Actually’ said, “These results are really reassuring because they show most couples still find the time to tell each other how they feel.

“And while four in 10 people don’t tend to profess their love for each other as often as they did before they started living together, this is only because the words won’t seem as genuine if repeated over and over again.

“The old saying – actions speak louder than words – can be deemed true in many relationships, and this proves that words are meaningless until they are backed up by feeling, emotion and demonstration.”

Unfortunately, saying those three words can become a bit of a routine habit, with many couples admitting to saying them before they go to bed each night as well as when they hang up the phone, or when they leave for work.

To add to this, four in ten couples admitted to saying I love you when they didn’t really mean it.

On a lighter note, over 40 per cent of couples said that they will utter the three words when their partner has given a particularly romantic gesture, as well as before and after love-making.

A fifth of those surveyed said that they realise how lucky they are when on a night out with friends and come to the realisation of how happy and proud they are to be with their partner.

The research shows that it’s the simple things in life that make the difference with 36 per cent of couples saying they know their partner would instantly be cheered up by being told how special they are.

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