You've met someone and it's going so well that you decide to move in together. After all, what could be better than waking up with your favourite person every day? Once you get in the door though, there are always some general co-habiting hurdles awaiting you, from agreeing on household budgets to the cleaning roster. But before you hit the panic button, hold fire, because Paym, the UK's mobile payment service, has some practical tips to help you live together in harmony.

Identify and share your pet peeves

Identify and share your pet peeves

  1. Identify and share your pet peeves ahead of moving in. Whether it's your partner's habit of leaving dirty dishes out or wearing their shoes indoors that drives you bonkers, it's always better to talk about these openly so you can prepare to compromise on ways of living.
  2. Make use of a joint calendar. Both of you can keep an eye on the deadline to pay your rent or for the weekend your in-laws are visiting, so you don't find yourself annoyed at your partner for not reminding you, or keeping you in the loop.
  3. Agree a budget. If you're going to split your shared expenses equally, then it's definitely worth agreeing on a weekly or monthly budget for items such as meals and entertainment costs. This ensures that you're both on the same wavelength when it comes to spending and avoids nasty shocks down the track.
  4. Consider the benefits of 'going Dutch'. When it comes to spending as a couple, it can be easier to split the bill. In fact, Paym research shows 66% of women are willing to split the bill on a date, so this approach can apply to everyday bills too.
  5. Keep your eye on the money. If opening up a joint bank account is too big a step, or if like three quarters (74%) of Brits you're anxious about sharing your sort code and account number, use technology to help you out. Services like Paym make it quick and easy to transfer up to £250 using just your mobile number, meaning you can pay each other back easily, without sharing your banking digits.
  6. Get rid of all that clutter collecting dust. Nothing is worse when starting this new chapter of your life than having obstructive rubbish in your way. Use this rule of thumb: If you haven't worn - or looked for - it in six months, then to the charity shop it goes. Not only will you have more space to roam around, you'll also avoid resenting your partner's shoe or stamp collection.
  7. Agree on a chores roster. Though this may seem like a triviality, keeping your space clean eliminates the chance of having petty arguments!
  8. Always talk things out in person - honesty is the best policy as, when all is said and done, relationships are the most important thing. Don't be afraid to put things out in the open with your partner, whether it's the smaller 'life admin' topics or bigger issues - it's all part of building the frameworks for a long-term relationship.

Make sure you pack these eight tips with you when moving in with your partner, and you'll be well on your way to domestic bliss!

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