More Women Accusing Their Partner of Being High Maintenance

More Women Accusing Their Partner of Being High Maintenance

We’ve all seen the TV skits of men sitting around, looking at their watch, waiting for their lady to finish getting ready, but now it seems that the roles may be reversing.

With the rise of the metrosexual modern man, one in five women believe that their man is the high maintenance one in the relationship.

Women have said that it’s getting to the point where their man spends longer in the bathroom than they do, won’t leave the house without perfectly styled hair, and constantly need to be told ‘I love you’.

Andy Oldham, Managing Director at the UK’s biggest cashback site Quidco, which commissioned the study, said, “Traditionally, it’s women who are thought to be high-maintenance in a relationship, but it seems men have not only followed in their footsteps, but actually taken over.

“The rise of the metrosexual has led to men taking more pride in their appearance and enjoying the finer things in life more than they ever have before.

“So it looks like the days of men not caring about their looks, what or where they eat, or how much their partner says ‘I love you’ are in the past.

“This has started to creep into our relationships and it’s no longer the women who want constant attention, or expect expensive and luxurious dates and holidays.”

The most common high maintenance trait for men was named as throwing a strop when they didn’t get what they wanted.

Looks and appearance are something that featured heavily. Women said that the worst high maintenance traits included spending too much time in the bathroom, taking too long on their appearance and refusing to wear anything but designer gear.

Women also noticed that their newly maintained partners had to be given constant attention, with them demanding to be told ‘I love you’, as well as getting moody when their lady didn’t answer the phone in so many rings.

The research showed that having a high maintenance partner can be costly, with couple’s saying they will spend an average of £112 a month to keep their partner happy.

Some have even got in up to £1,426 of debt just to keep their high maintenance other half smiling.

Despite all the hard work, 80 per cent of people with a high maintenance partner have said that it constantly causes rows and over half had have to end the relationship because of it.

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