Men's Biggest Valentine's Day Mistakes Revealed

Men's Biggest Valentine's Day Mistakes Revealed

Valentine's Day is known as the most romantic day all over the globe. Couples spend the day appreciating what they have together and all is meant to be romantic.

Unfortunately, men and women's ideas of what romance is, is completely different.

New research from shows that men and women hope for very different things on February the 14th.

Traditionally, men will buy women flowers to show their affections towards their partner, and 45 per cent of men believe it's the perfect way to say 'I love you'.

Unfortunately, only 4 per cent of women agree. Oh dear.

Well that's okay right? Women love shopping, what better thing to give her than money to go and spend on something she really wants?

Bad move; fourteen per cent of women said they would dump a man who gave her money as a Valentine's gift.

Three quarters of women would much rather have something personal, like a handwritten letter or poem yet 20 per cent of men find a romantic text message more convenient.

So what do you buy a woman to keep to her happy on Valentine's Day? Most men will buy their lady some sexy underwear as a gift.

Bad news gents, one in five women have never worn the underwear that their partner has bought for them.

If you're thinking of being spontaneous and going with the flow on Valentine's Day, then change your plans quickly.

Nearly two thirds of men admit to having nothing planned for Valentine's Day but 30 per cent of women expect men to have it all planned out.

So why not treat your lady and take her to that restaurant you've both been wanting to try out?

Just a word of caution, you need to be the one footing the bill as a third of women do not expect to 'go Dutch' on Valentine's Day.

You may just think giving up because you'll never get it right might be a good idea? Be warned, 53 per cent of women have said they would dump a guy if he were to give her no gift!

Do you and your partner have different ideas about Valentine's Day? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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  1. by nick 07th Feb 2013 13:48

    and whats the worst thing women could buy for their partners ?
    surely buying presents works both ways ?

    why is it men are pressured to splash the cash on valentines , not women ?

    I'm going to buy my wife some flowers. job done.


  2. by PolishKnight 08th Feb 2013 18:07

    Nick, my wife bought my expensive gifts and I told her to stop it. I didn't want her to waste money on things I didn't need. Ultimately, we agreed to cards and a restaurant. Who paid didn't matter.

    I'm slavic (born in the states) and I met my wife while visiting family in Eastern Europe. My "valentines" gift for my wife was frozen crab from Alaska. She said it was the best gift ever (had never tried it) and it was worth having to get approval from the captain to bring dry ice on board.

    Quite frankly, the best dates are experience dates. A walk on the beach sounds corny, but if you made the arrangements to get a train to the beach and a nice picnic basket and their heart doesn't melt, then forget it. Other dates (American style) were to take women to the shooting range. They couldn't stop talking about it to their friends. Another fun date is to the opera even if in back seats. If you just throw money at them then they're probably not keepers.