It's home or a hotel for men on their birthday!

It's home or a hotel for men on their birthday! found that it really is hoes before bros when it comes to men’s birthdays, despite the common misconception. Men would rather tuck up at home with their woman rather than being out with their mates, while women prefer the opposite! Despite this revelation, one fifth of men would never admit this to their friends! 67% said that they would lie to their friends about plans made by their partner that could not be changed just to save face!

44% of men spent their last birthday with their partner at home or in a hotel and a huge 73% enjoy being alone with their partner on their big day

32% enjoy eating out, drinking and dancing with their mates and 1% like to spend time at home with their friends

A small percentage actually want to spend their birthday alone- 4% to relax and unwind

A lucky 9% spent their last birthday abroad

Emma Law of made the following comments regarding the findings of the study:

“Whilst it may seem as though the stereotypical man would enjoy nothing better than a night out partying with friends to celebrate a birthday, our study seems to suggest that he is actually a real romantic. It’s the girls that would rather pain the town red on their birthday – so it seems that girls do just want to have fun! The amount of men that admitted to feeling reluctant about exposing their preferred celebration plans to their friends, despite the fact that they are in a committed relationship, seems to show that rather than being scared of their wife’s or girlfriend’s wrath, it is in fact their friends that men in the UK are most worried about letting down! Perhaps it’s the boys that are the true ball and chain, not the girlfriend!”


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