Men More Likely to Seduce Female Friends

Men More Likely to Seduce Female Friends

It’s often thought that men and women can never have a truly platonic relationship with one another, despite 90 per cent of us saying we have close friends of the opposite sex.

So when it comes to your closest male friend would you say that you want something more from them?

Only 27 per cent of women would say yes, according to research from, a new social dating site.

Most women are completely happy for their friendship with a male friend to stay as it is rather than progress to romance.

Men, on the other hand, are swinging the other way and are more likely to seduce their female friends.

Over half of the men surveyed said they would like their friendship with a female friend to go further.

Men were found to be more successful at turning a friendship into a relationship, most likely because they’re more likely to try.

When it came to being friends with benefits, only 38 per cent of women thought it was possible to remain close friends with a man after they’d slept together.

Men were more optimistic about remaining friends with 52 per cent saying they had no problem remaining close friends with a woman once they’d slept together.

So if your man had a close female friend how would you feel about it? Well two thirds of women said they would be happy with their men having a close female friend.

We must be a trusting nation as three quarters of men said they’d be okay with their lady having a close male friend.

Sean Wood, Communications Director of Cupid Plc who conducted the research, said, “By and large, men are more likely to find their female friends attractive than the other way around, but sometimes this can lead to love. So you should always keep an eye on your Facebook friends list!”

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