‘Honey You Look Great!’ Would You Want Your Partner to Lie to You?

‘Honey You Look Great!’ Would You Want Your Partner to Lie to You?

We trust our partner’s, that’s generally why we’re in a relationship with them, so we trust them to give us an honest opinion right?

Wrong, new research shows that we would actually rather our partner’s lie to us about how we look than give us an honest opinion.

It’s a massive dilemma, do you lie to your partner to make them feel better or do you stick to honesty and pray it’s the best policy?

Well, myvouchercodes.co.uk found that out of the 89 per cent of people who ask their partner if they look okay, 61 per cent would prefer to be lied to in order to hear the answer they wanted.

It seems that men really can’t win. They’re being told they want honesty on one hand and then being told that they have to lie to keep their woman happy!

We here at FemaleFirst think that it’s always better to tell the truth, but what are you risking if you do?

Well, if you tell the truth and just be upfront with it then it can go one of two ways.

They’ll either appreciate the honesty and ask your opinion on what they need to change, or simply ask other people to get a majority vote.

Then there’s the other outcome, they’ll get upset and go on a massive moaning session that will last for about half an hour, but all will surely be forgiven afterwards.

If you lie, on the other hand, you could get yourself into even more trouble.

It’ll all be plain sailing at first, until someone else comments negatively on the outfit and then they’ll blame you for not telling them earlier.

Worse still, they could find out that you lied to them and then you’ll be in hot water for a good few days.

Plus, if you’re going to lie about something so small then what’s to stop you lying about the bigger things? Yes, this is what will go through a woman’s head.

Basically, yes she may be upset at first but honesty is always the best policy and we certainly wouldn’t want our partner’s lying to us so suck it up and tell the truth!

Would you rather your partner give you the honest truth or tell a lie? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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