Is Emotional Cheating the Same as a Sexual Affair?

Is Emotional Cheating the Same as a Sexual Affair?

The Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood has recently split from his wife, with rumours that it was down to his close friendship with fellow American Baking Competition host Marcela Valladolid.

She is now also rumoured to have split with her husband due to the relationship her and Paul shared whilst filming the show together.

So where do you cross the line? If you have a close friendship, maybe even feelings for someone when in a relationship, does it class as cheating?

Some couples are completely fine with their partner having a close friend of the opposite sex, whereas some are more weary.

One question that has been debated for a long time is whether or not having an emotional affair is worse than a physical one.

Having sex with someone doesn’t necessarily mean you have feelings for them, and although having feelings for someone will generally lead to sex it doesn’t always end that way.

So which is worse? Some would say that they could handle their partner having sex with someone else if that’s all it is.

As long as their partner is coming home to them at the end of the day and still loves them then why shouldn’t they fill their sexual needs?

Whereas emotions are what hold a relationship together, they’re the glue that shows a relationship has longevity.

You can be amazing in bed but if you’ve nothing to say to each other when the fun has stopped then things clearly won’t last long.

This is why people put so much value on feelings and emotion, hence why they feel that they are much more important than any physical aspects of a relationship.

You could perhaps deal with your partner having sex with another person, but knowing that they’ve told someone that they loved them, spending time together and sharing their lives with one another – that’s what would hurt the most.

So yes, the thought of your partner sleeping with someone else may repulse you but ultimately it’s the emotional cheating that would leave behind the most pain.

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