Walking is an underestimated form of exercise to do with your partner. Not only does it get you moving and keep you fit, it has many other benefits for you and your loved one. To celebrate National Take A Walk In The Park Day we take a look at why walking can make your relationship better.

Walk with your man- who knows where  it will take you!

Walk with your man- who knows where it will take you!


Walking naturally leads to conversation- it's not too strenuous so you're not out of breath and therefore it's the perfect place to talk about your day. You can share what has happened at work or what your plans are for the immediate future, like the weekend or even the distant future. It gives you the chance to get things off your chest that you have been keeping to yourself for a while.


It's good to have a habit that you share that's actually beneficial. So many couples develop bad habits like sitting on the sofa all night after work or eating take away three nights a week. This is a healthy habit to form and you begin to expect that couple time and crave it for all the good it does for you both.


Walking gets those endorphins travelling about your body- the feel good hormones. So walking will put you in a better mood- you will look at issues more positively and chances are you will find a solution. When you are in a slump there often seems like there are no answers to your joint problems.


If you or your partner suffers from depression, walking is a good way to help with that. By getting your brain to release some happy chemicals you can get the same affect from walking that you can from prescription drugs.


You can actually reduce your stress levels as a couple by walking. This works in several ways: it can put distance between you and the stressful environment such as work or home with a person your trust and who will listen to you. Talking and laughing with your man can help relieve stress- they say that laughter is the best medicine and who better to share some giggles with than your loved one? You can also use the time to vent your problems and let off steam with your partner.

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