Today is National Siblings Day and although your sister in law might not be a blood relative- if you get on well, it feels like you’ve been together forever. 

You consider her to be one of your closest friends

You consider her to be one of your closest friends

She instantly became one of your mates- You text her a few times a week, go to the cinema together, talk on the phone, go out for meals and shopping. It's as if you have been friends for years.

You sometimes forget that she's your fella's sibling- And start to tell her about your sex life. You quickly divert the conversation and save it for the mates you aren't bound to by law.

You try not to badmouth him in front of her-But sometimes you can't help but let a few negative comments slip out and hope she doesn't tell him how much his snoring bothers you or that you can't stand one of his friends.

You have the same sense of humour- You send her pictures, memes and videos and can practically hear her laughing at the other end of the phone. She does the same for you and it always brightens up your day.

You take care of each other- She made sure you didn't choke on your own vomit after a heavy drinking session and tucked you up in bed with a glass of water afterwards. You held her wedding dress up for her when she had to pee on her wedding day.

You can be a bad influence on each other- 'Just another one won't hurt' is a commonly used phrase when it comes to both food and drink. You have one more pet in your home because of her too because she talked you into buying an extra fur baby while your partner wasn't there.

You don't judge each other over what you consume when you're together- A whole tray of mini muffins, 2 bottles of wine and a share bag of crisps- EACH. You have an unwritten rule that no one else will ever find out.

You like to tell her all the gossip- Even if you were sworn to secrecy from your SO. You love to see her reaction when something is particularly juicy.

You can be yourselves in front of each other- You will happily sit in your pjs while she's there, she isn't bothered if you let out a stray fart or burp and she couldn't care less if you have no make-up on and you extend her the same courtesy.

People ask you if you're actually sisters- Even though you look nothing alike but people can sense you have a special bond when they see you together.

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