We all have pet names for our partners and the new favourite has been voted as Baby or Babe due to the Fifty Shades of Grey novels.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Most Popular Couples Pet Name is ‘Baby’. ©Twitter/fiftyshadestoys

Fifty Shades of Grey: Most Popular Couples Pet Name is ‘Baby’. ©Twitter/fiftyshadestoys

Fifty Shades of Grey exploded into our lives last year and has influenced a number of habits in our lives and now pet names have been added to this list.

Lovehoney found that last year ‘Darling’ was the most popular pet name for couples but since Fifty Shades has been introduced this has now changed to Baby or Babe.

It’s thought that this pet name has rocketed due to Christian Grey signing off to his lover Anastasia Steele with ‘Laters, Baby’.

A massive 31 per cent of couples are giving their partner the pet name of Babe or Baby followed by Love or Lovely, which is used by 1 in 8 couples.

Other popular names were Darling, Sweetie or Sweetheart and Gorgeous.

Lovehoney co-founder Neal Slateford said, “The ways pet names have changed over the years show we are getting even more affectionate towards each other and a little less formal.”

Lovehoney also asked their customers what it was that filled them with love the most. Thankfully, 53 per cent of people said it was their partner.

And to add to this, it seems that we’re still a nation of old romantics, with 72 per cent of us saying that we still believe in Valentine’s Day to be a day dedicated to showing love to our partner.

Sadly, 20 per cent of people believe that Valentine’s Day is just a money making scheme for companies.

A massive 60 per cent of people said that their perfect Valentine’s Day would consist of making love to their partner, followed by a romantic home cooked meal, a romantic restaurant trip and a quiet night in.

The love just keeps on coming and it’s shown that over 90 per cent of us kiss our partner at least once a day but the survey gets a little naughtier by showing that what women want most on Valentine’s Day is a sex toy.

Neal Slateford said, “Valentine’s Day is still the sexiest day of the year for millions of us.

“As a nation, we are learning to lighten up when it comes to love and sex. That has to be a good thing.”

Other gifts that women wanted to be treated to on Valentine’s Day were lingerie, flowers and jewellery.

Lovehoney teamed up with E L James to bring you the approved Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection – treat your partner to some Fifty Shades love this Valentine’s Day!

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