How Long Before You’re 100% Comfortable with Your Partner?

How Long Before You’re 100% Comfortable with Your Partner?

We all know how difficult it is to let your guard down with a new partner.

There are certain things that both men and women expect from a new relationship, including proper manners, for each other to look after themselves and for dates to be a regular occurrence.

A new relationship can be a lot of hard work and settling in often takes a while.

New research shows that it takes British women around 7.5 months to feel completely comfortable with their partner.

So what would you class as feeling completely comfortable? Well, there is a range of ways that women say shows that they feel comfortable around their man.

The main way for women to show they feel comfortable was to drop the façade and act more like themselves.

Unfortunately, the second most popular answer wasn’t so delightful, with women saying they feel like they can pass win or burp in front of their partner.

One of the biggest commitments for women is putting their make-up on daily, and this is something that stays a firm fixture during a relationship.

But, one of the most common indicators that women feel more comfortable was that they felt that didn’t have to wear make-up around their partner.

Other factors included wearing unsexy or mismatch underwear, picking spots and wearing scruffy clothes.

Despite women waiting up to 7.5 months to feel comfortable with their partner’s, they felt that it only took their men a matter of weeks to feel 100 per cent comfortable with them.

Bobbie Malpass, editor of who conducted the research, said, “We thought it would be fun to discover a bit more about women’s behaviour while being in a relationship, especially when it comes to reaching the ‘point of non-return’ when women finally get 100 per cent comfortable around their partner.

“Certain women will probably say that they never do any of this in front of their boyfriend but let’s be honest ladies, we all do it.”

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