Miley Cyrus and Happy

Miley Cyrus and Happy

55% of women and 38% of men said that they would be more inclined to date someone with a pet, according to So we take a look at the best and worst options for wooing your potential date when it comes to the small and furry roommates that a lot of us have in our lives.

Best Pet

Dogs have the greatest pet appeal with over half of men and women opting for a canine companion as the preferred pet of choice.

Differences of opinion

20% of women said that they would like a man with a cat, however only 5% of men said that same because of the cliché ‘cat lady’.

Worst Pet

A spider came out as the worst pet a date could have in their house as the odds are that a lot of people are scared of them.

What pets say about a date?

Women thought that owning a pet made a man kind and nurturing. While men thought that female pet owners seem more fun and a small percentage thought it made a date look needy.

Pet faux pas

Both men and women were in agreement that if one or both had a pet that bringing it along was the worst idea for their date. However a few thought that it would be a great ice breaker if one or both were nervous.  


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