As today marks Everything You Do Is Wrong Day- here are some things that you might find familiar if you’re in love with someone who always thinks, they’re right… then wrong. 

She can never make up her mind about ANYTHING

She can never make up her mind about ANYTHING

She will always ask you to make the decisions in your relationship- She can't make her own so she will generally let you take the reins on where to eat for dinner, what movie to watch and what do to on the weekend. If it was up to her, you'd never do anything because she just can't settle on one activity.

If she does make a decision- She will instantly doubt it. She will then ask you a barrage of questions;

'Should we have gone out later?'

'Should we have ordered something different?'

'Was it right to ask them to go out with us, or would they have been happier staying in?'

If she chooses to do something- You put it into action right away so she doesn't have time to talk herself out of it. 'The cinema? Get your coat!', 'a walk in the park you say? My shoes are already on!'

If you ask her what she wants for her Birthday/Christmas- Ask her again right before because chances are she will change her mind.

Clothes shopping is a nightmare- One minute she has something in her hand and is on her way to the till, next she is dumping it in a random place and dragging you out the store. Now you let her go alone or encourage her to shop online.

Supermarket shopping is no better- She makes list after list of things you need and then changes it when she decides she's going on a different diet or using another brand. She tends to put things in the trolley and then takes them out one by one as she convinces herself it's not a necessity.

Her hobbies don't last- She thought it would be a good idea to get a gym subscription and then decided that more fresh air in the outdoors would be better. She wanted to take up cooking, bought too many books to mention and then figured ready-made meals were easier and faster.

She's had so many phases you've lost count- One minute she is low carb, the next, high carb. She moved onto reading, then the new series of her favourite TV show came out and her books are now gathering dust. She once hated her hair straight, now she takes an hour every morning to iron out her natural bounce.

She sees every side to every story- She is rarely on someone's side because she can see it from everybody's point of view and it makes you feel bad for being so judgemental and final about people in your life.

If you have a big decision to make yourself- She doesn't tell you what to do; she will discuss every eventuality with you and then let you make up your own mind with all the information at hand.

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