Conversation is Dying Out for Couples

Conversation is Dying Out for Couples

Remember the days when you’d come home from work and actually have a conversation with your partner?

For many, this will now be a sign of times gone by as now couples are shunning conversation and taking to their laptops and smart phones instead.

The living rooms of Britain are falling into silence as we all avoid talking and instead choose to hit our laptops and smart phones.

There is no denying that technology has brought us closer together in so many ways but it now seems that we’re focusing on our social media relationships rather than our actual relationship.

The evening meal was once used as a time to be brought up to speed on your partner’s day, but now 80 per cent of people will use their phone or laptop at the table.

And it doesn’t just stop at the dinner table, it will continue through the night with 76 per cent of couples saying they sit in silence browsing the web.

The lack of conversation and rise in technology may also cause couples to get into more arguments, as 80 per cent of people said they hate being interrupted when on their phone or laptop.

It’s also causing our social lives to go downhill. Back in the day, when you wanted to socialise with all your friends at once you’d hold a dinner party but 98 per cent of couples said they’ve never held one.

Instead of dinner parties, it’s now all about conference calls, Skype and group messages! also found that technology is taking away from our downtime, with 82 per cent of us haven’t read a book in a year, preferring to read about other people’s lives rather than those in a book.

Mark Hall, Gentleman Creation Officer at, “Social media and the Internet are important but it shouldn't be at the expense of real-life relationships.

“Our plan is to get gentlemen acting like gentlemen again. Even simple social niceties such as acknowledging those around you have disappeared under an avalanche of text speak, Facebook pokes and hashtag games. When somebody says 'LOL' in real life, you know we need to change.

“There's a time to play with your phone, and a time to switch it off. Just for once, go out and have an actual conversation. The results will amaze you.”

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