Should You Be Checking His Phone?

Should You Be Checking His Phone?

Loose Women presenter Denise Welsh was seen arguing with her fiancé after she was seen going through his phone.

The pair were out for lunch when she went through his phone and then hit the roof, obviously seeing something she didn’t like.

The question is, should you even be going through your man’s phone in the first place?

Some would say that ignorance really is bliss. There have been one to many cases of women thinking everything is fine and dandy, only to go through his phone and spot something suspicious and then have their mind racing.

Relationships are based on trust, it’s the glue the holds a relationship together and if you’ve gone through your man’s phone then not only does it show that you don’t 100 per cent trust him, but it also breaks the trust on his part.

Reverse the role, if he’d gone through your phone, regardless of what was on it, you’d be less than happy that he’d felt the need to do that, right?

If you’re looking through your man’s phone then it seems that you’ve already got a reason to distrust him, and there are clearly already problems within the relationship.

So what if you suspect the worst is happening? Going through his phone isn’t the way to deal with it.

Ask him straight up if there’s something you should know and let him know your concerns. You’ll know him well enough to know whether or not he is lying to you.

It’s entirely up to you how you proceed, but just take a step back and look at the situation.

By going through his phone in the first place, you’ll have already been looking for something suspicious, so there is the possibility that you’ve exaggerated what you’ve seen.

Something that on any other occasion would be seen as acceptable, like an ‘x’ on the end of a text to a colleague, could be totally blown out of proportion because you’re looking for something ‘suspicious’.

At the end of the day, if you truly trust your man then you won’t need to go through his phone and if you’ve got a little niggle that something isn’t right then ask him about it.

Going through your man’s phone will only have you looking for something to call him out on, meaning you’ll see more than is actually there.

Have you ever gone through your man’s phone, and do you think you have a right to? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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