Brits Look for Love at Weddings

Brits Look for Love at Weddings

Instead of hitting up the nightlife to find a potential partner, Brits are now attending weddings with the hope that they will find the love of their life.

With wedding season in full swing, it’s no surprise that weddings are crowded with singles looking to find their perfect match.

Nearly half of single women, and a massive three quarters of men, are on the hunt for other singles as soon as they get to the venue.

A quarter of Brits admitted that they find weddings the best place to look for their soul mate.

One in ten men even admitted that the main reason they do to a wedding is to hook up with a fellow single guest!

Women are much more romantic, as 50 per cent said that they let their mind wander and imagine themselves at the altar. This was compared to just 2 per cent of men.

If a man is looking to impress a woman at a wedding then it’s best to turn on the waterworks. found that an incredible 92 per cent of women said that they love it when a man shows his emotional side and cries at a wedding.

Only a quarter of men admitted that they have let their emotions get the better of them and cried at a wedding, so they need to step up their game!

Funnily enough, a rather large 18 per cent of men said that they have been to the wedding of a woman they’d previously had a relationship with.

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