Brits Keep Secret Money Stash from Other Half

Brits Keep Secret Money Stash from Other Half

Relationships are supposed to be built on honesty and trust but over a fifth of Brits are keeping a big secret from their partner.

Around 22 per cent of women and 20 per cent of men are actively keeping a secret stash of money from their partner, with men, interestingly, saving more than women.

Over 5 million Brits have admitted that they don’t actually know what their partner earns and a further 6 million have said they haven’t shared their earning details with their partner.

It seems that money is still considered very much a private matter, as 2 million Brits have admitted to lying about their earning to their partner.

Half have fabricated their earnings to make it sound like they earn more, whilst the other half have said they earn less than they actually do.

This could all be a tactic for them to save their cash and keep in stashed away from their loved one.

The research shows that the average amount that someone is keeping from their partner is just over £6,800 – that’s a pretty big secret!

Incredibly, nearly 20 per cent of those who do have money stashed away have £10,000!

Ian Williams from All About Money, who conducted the research, said, “For most people, relationships are built on trust and openness - and our research shows that this honesty usually extends to our finances too. 

“However, there is a minority that don't take that approach.  Some people are misleading their partners about how much they earn, or stashing some cash away 'just in case'.”

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