Brits are Finding Love on Holiday

Brits are Finding Love on Holiday

Women are notorious for indulging in a little holiday romance, knowing that it won’t be permanent but how many Brits actually gain a relationship from a holiday romance? found that just over one in ten Brits had started their relationship whilst on holiday, with the Balearic Islands being the most popular destination to start a long-term romance.

Unfortunately, for those who are currently in a relationship from their last holiday, they might not last much longer!

The research shows that couples that got together on holiday will last an average of 1 year and 3 months.

To add insult to injuring, a fifth of people said that they had cheated on a partner whilst being on holiday, most likely due to the carefree holiday attitude and the flowing alcohol.

Chris Clarkson, co-founder of, said, “Everyone is at their best on holiday; relaxed, happy and carefree. It’s therefore no wonder that a fair few relationships begin on holiday.

“The Balearics coming out as the top destination for holiday relationships was no surprise, as resorts in Ibiza and Majorca play host to thousands of young holidaymakers every year and plenty are clearly looking for love!”

The most popular place to find love was found to be through a friend, and this was followed by being out socially.

A fifth of Brits met their partner at work and 15 per cent met their partner online, most likely through the ever-popular online dating sites.

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