It's not you, it's me

It's not you, it's me

We have covered the worst chat up lines so it was naturally time to pull out the old clichés and the downright nasty ways to get rid of your current partner. We wondered here at Female First what is the cheesiest, most thoughtless and made up dumping lines that have ever been used on you?


  1. I need space
  2. I feel that I could fall for your very quickly and its scares the hell out of me
  3. I don’t deserve you
  4. You are too good for me
  5. I never loved you, I just made that up
  6. I’ve met someone else
  7. You can do a lot better than me
  8. You’re so great, but…..
  9. You deserve someone who can treat you the way you deserve
  10. Welcome to Dumpsville, population- you.
  11. I think we should just be friends
  12. I think I should move out
  13. Look at my horoscope- ‘a new love in my life’, well I can’t deny my stars!
  14. I need more time
  15. Do you want to meet my ex-girlfriend? She is chained up in the basement
  16. I have to tell you I’m actually gay
  17. I want a baby
  18. You look too much like my bother/sister, I can’t see you anymore
  19. My mum says I’m too good for you
  20. Roses are red, violets are blue, garbage is dumped and so are you!


The one that can never be escaped is the lovely; ‘it’s not you it’s me’, with a unanimous vote in the office as the worst thing you can hear when someone is breaking up with you. What do you think? Let us know yours at @FemaleFirst_UK or by commenting below!

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