It's not you it's me

It's not you it's me

New research by Mobile Phone Checker has found that 73% of men have ended their relationship over a text message, phone call or social media instead of meeting to do it!

Gemma said:

As someone who dumped a high school boyfriend over a text message and used the 'it's not you it's me’ line, I am no stranger to this, however we were only going out a matter of days, when you have been together longer then they deserve a chat at least!’

Only 44% of women revealed that they had dumped their partner over text or other method, while 62% had been dumped compared to 47% of men via some digital device.

The most alarming fact was that the 39% of the dumpers had been in a serious relationship just over a year, 16% were married and asked for a split or divorce over a mobile!

37% defended their actions fearing the other person’s reaction and 25% said that they were too much of a coward to say it their face.

Andrea said:

‘I warned my boyfriend face to face that things were not going well and that we both needed to try harder, but nothing changed. I told him I wanted to move away. If you are living together then you need to have the talk!’

Text messages were the biggest device to imitate a break up (41%), closely flowed by a phone call (27%), a private message over social network (18%), email (9%)or over a public conversation on social media (5%).

Steve said:

‘I found out my girlfriend had cheated on me with another guy at college. I went to dinner with her as normal and then just said ‘it’s over’ in the middle of the street and walked off. I wish I had just text her, she wansn’t worth it!’

81% of men said that they would not be bothered if they were dumped via this method, however only 53% of women had the same sentiment. 7% of women said that this was a legitimate way to break up with someone, compared to 56% of men.

52% of the men would not consider breaking up with woman face to face compared to 18% of women.

Adam Cable, Director of Mobile Phone Checker, said the following on the results of the study:

“As the old cliché goes, “breaking up is never easy” and it seems from this research that many people nowadays are making break-ups that little bit easier on themselves by using texts and phone calls to finish a relationship. One could argue that using a mobile phone for this purpose is the coward’s way out, but our results also show that the majority of men and women actually feel that phone calls are an acceptable form of breaking up; whilst text messages are quite the opposite!”

He continues;

“Having said that, if a relationship is ending less than amicably, there is no way to make it easier or fairer for either person involved. Perhaps finishing something once and for all over the phone or through text will help individuals to deal with the break-up and move on quicker in the long term. I must say though, surely the decision to end a marriage deserves a little more thought and consideration that a text message!?”


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