It's National No Bra Day so for the guys dating the girls- here are some things you might find all too familiar. 

They're not all pretty

They're not all pretty

Bras are hard work- Getting them off when you can see the clasp is tricky enough so you understand why she has to fasten it at the front and twizzle it around to put it on.

You know not to buy her underwear- Only she can choose her undergarments because you've learned the hard way that bras are different fits depending on where you shop. It's a buzz kill when she can't fit in the sexy lingerie you bought her. Similarly, when her knickers drop before you get anywhere near her- you know you've overestimated her size.

Her bras don't always match her knickers- The movies lied to you. You have been on many a night out where from the chest up she's looked sexy as hell- but then something goes on from the waist down that takes the shine off things- apparently they're called 'Spanx' and are necessary attire when wearing a dress 'to smooth things out'. It's such a bittersweet moment.

When your lover gets in from work- She seems to get as much pleasure from taking off her bra as you do scratching your balls so in a weird way- you get it.

Your partner's bras are not all sexy- She has a stash for work that have faded in the wash and are now grey instead of white or cream, they might even have an underwire missing or a rip in the side- you choose to ignore these ones.

She wears one bra for far too long- She should probably change it every day but you know from seeing the same bra hanging around your bedroom that she gets a lot of wear out of the same one.

You have taken one of her bras off the maiden- And put it on your head before to pretend you're a pilot. You know it's true.

You don't envy her- When you see the red marks it causes when it's on too tight and feel how tough the underwire is- you're glad you're chest is perky enough to go without.

It's exciting times when she gets out the sexy stuff- You know you're in for a treat when the lacy, silky underwear makes an appearance from the back of the drawer.

Every time she wears a push up bra- You can't take your eyes off them. Even though as a partner you have the privilege of seeing them on a regular basis- when they are all balloon-like and poised, they take on a whole new level of interest.

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