41% of Brits complain of sheet-hogging partners.

41% of Brits complain of sheet-hogging partners.

A study by memory foam mattress experts Ergoflex looked into the bedtime antics of UK couples.

They found that over 40% of couples will argue about sheet hogging, with mobile phone interference like texts and emails causing over 35% of bedtime disagreements.

With nearly half (47%) of couple having such disputes three to four times a week, 31% said they only occur one or two nights a week, 16% almost every night with five to six arguments a week and a disgruntled 6% of couples admit to bickering every night before bed.

With the average couple's night time tribulations lasting 2 minutes 12 seconds, if it's not the sheets or mobile phone, it's partners passing wind, sleep talking, snoring or getting up to use the toilet that lead to pre-snooze stress.

Sound familiar? 11:49pm is prime time for bad bedtime behaviour.

Jed MacEwan, Managing Director of Ergoflex, remind couples: 'Whilst your partner’s bedroom habits may leave you a little disgruntled at times, an interesting element of the data collected suggests that most participants were prepared to put up with them in order to keep the intimacy that only comes from sharing a bed with their partner.'

But don't worry, this mini bedtime bickering isn't anything to worry about; over 80% of couple claimed they never lead to a full-blown argument, with most ending in a joke the next day or being forgotten altogether.

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