Luxury bathroom company Hugo Oliver has found ten things that are off putting for singles when they go back to a new date's house for the first time. We take a look at the thoughts that go through your head.

Dirty sinks

Dirty sinks

A bad smell- Is this how they always smell but are covering it up with spray right now? Have they seriously waited till right before I arrived to take a dump? Is my being here making them so nervous they have the runs?

A generally dirty bathroom- Ok so they don't clean up after themselves, even when things get really bad. They don't want to make a good impression on the first date- really?!

No toilet roll- They clearly don't prepare for anything, least of all natural bodily functions. Do I pee in the street or…?

Dirty towels- I could be drying my hands on a part of a towel that they wiped their ass on. Ewww.

No soap to wash hands- There's hot water at least but they are never touching me with those hands.

Hair in the sink- So basically they just de-fuzzed right before I got here- nice.

Dirty clothes on the floor- What if they are wearing two day old underwear? What if it has skid marks in it? OMG!

No lock on the door- They're weird and like to watch people pee by bursting in by 'accident' and hovering a little too long before leaving.

An old/overused toothbrush- They don't care about their oral hygiene- ok so no touching and no kissing either.

Condoms on show- They're either really presumptuous or have another partner on the go- neither of which is a good thing.

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  1. by [email protected] 27th Feb 2016 01:47

    Hygiene Help = the Hand Bidet Sprayer. Washing with water is 10X cleaner than Toilet Paper, healthier and no more skid marks!

  2. by Occams...Zebra 03rd Mar 2016 04:09

    Are you kidding? No straight man I know has toilet paper and poo-pouri let alone a bidet!