Does Facebook affect your relationship?

Does Facebook affect your relationship?

On average a couple will end their relationship after two years and nine moths says a recent poll. Most blamed social media for the demise of their relationship and the cause of a shorter relationship, with researchers revealing that the seven year itch no longer exists, according to


How can the likes of Facebook, and a Twitter have such a negative effect on romance? We find out!


With the introduction of Facebook, flirting is no longer something that stays down the pub, everyone can see if you or your partner is exchanging cheeky innuendo. So it’s easier now than ever before to monitor interactions with other people and the proof is right there to accuse them (34%).


When you meet a prospective date, the temptation is too great not to have a sneaky look at their profile and find out what they are up to. In the early stages of dating some may find that their new partner is flirting with other women and saying the same script to you that they were to them (27%).


It is easy to assume that you know someone well if you have studied their on-line profile extensively. What they like doing, what they have in common with you. In actual fact these are often exaggerated to please onlookers and not true reflections of the person. 23% rushed into a relationship on the basis of their profile compatibility and found that in everyday life they were not like their descriptions at all.


If you let it, social media can take over your life. Discovering new friends trying to keep up appearances with people who are your ‘Facebook friends’ means you might neglect what you have right in front of you. 17% of couples have broken up because social media took priority over talking to their partner.


A constant barrage of photos of couples on holiday and spending time together can take its toll and make you feel like the grass is greener, prompting 12% of couples to end their relationship.  


So there we have it- a wonderful tool to keep in touch and make business contacts, but not so great for your relationship- perhaps think twice next time you sign in- by typing in your password are you logging out of your relationship?




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