No one can pull off a suit quite like Ryan Gosling!

No one can pull off a suit quite like Ryan Gosling!

Justin Timberlake released his new song, Suit and Tie, recently and that got us thinking – what’s more sexy, and man in a suit or a man who keeps it casual?

We’re in the midst of award’s season right now and that means plenty of hot Hollywood A-listers parading around it suits, and it’s a damn good job as most women prefer a man suited and booted.

From our poll, an incredible 33 per cent of women said that they love a man in a suit and would prefer him to dress that way all the time!

There’s just something about a man in a suit that transforms him into this delicious looking God.

We also found that our readers are a very moral bunch, as 28 per cent of them said that the clothes really shouldn’t matter, it’s about the person and their personality – that’s what makes them attractive.

We couldn’t agree more, of course a suit can make a man look a million dollars, but if he’s a prize idiot then he might as well be wearing a bin bag.

Only 21 per cent of our readers said that they like their man to dress casually.

There’s a time and a place, there’s not a cat’s chance in hell that we’d have our men walking around Tesco in a onesie or going to work in joggers, but in the confines of the home, anything goes!

One quite hilarious statistic was that 20 per cent of people said that it didn’t matter what a man was wearing it was all about what was underneath the clothing.

There’s nothing quite like a well-toned torso, but you have to remember that your imagination might actually exceed what is hid away under his clothing so sometimes it’s best to leave it that way!

How do you feel about the way your men dresses? Do you find him at his most attractive in a suit, slobbing out or starker’s?

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  1. by Gumer 22nd Jan 2013 16:57

    Personally, from a male perspective, I have found that I turn at least twice as many heads when wearing a suit. It just makes me feel more powerful and confident with myself and that is what is projected to women and attracts them.

  2. by mostirreverent 25th Jan 2013 04:32

    A suit and tie will get you through many doors.

  3. by none of the above 25th Jan 2013 06:58

    Can go both ways, sometimes they look smart and decent and sometimes they come across as a bit arrogant.