A Quarter of Women Admit to Fancying their Partner’s Friends

A Quarter of Women Admit to Fancying their Partner’s Friends

It’s the biggest no-no in relationships, and even if you do fancy your partner’s mates, you certainly don’t admit to it.

Despite this, 24 per cent of women have admitted to holding a flame for one or more of their partner’s friends.

Incredibly, 9 per cent have even admitted that they have split up with their partner to go on to date one of his friends!

Something that is possibly more shocking is the fact that 66 per cent of women who fancy their partner’s friend admitted they found the friend more attractive than their partner.

A further 62 per cent said that they would try to avoid the friend that they had a crush on as much as possible.

Alarmingly, 31 per cent said that they would try to spend more time with the friend rather than leaving them alone.

Luke Pomaro, founder of DateWithaMate.com, said, “I was quite shocked to find out how many women fancy their partner's mates! I think there are going to be a few suspicious gentlemen out there now!

“When you're spending more and more time with people, such as someone's group of friends, it's inevitable that you will start to build friendships with them."

“However, it's important not to let it develop any further, as you risk causing a lot of trouble and heartbreak, not only between your partner and yourself, but also their group of friends!

“Imagine how you would feel if it was the other way round. The best idea initially is probably to start spending less time with the friend in question and then go from there!”

Would you admit to having a crush on your partner’s friends and would you act on it if you did?

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