Toilet Habits Could Ruin Relationships

Toilet Habits Could Ruin Relationships

The new survey by Domestos shows that our toilet etiquette is literally going down the drain with many of us flushing our manners and increasing our bad toilet habits.

Incredibly, 51 per cent of Brits admitted they use the toilet in front of their partner, despite the same amount saying that they would break up with a partner over their bad toilet habits.

Just under a third of British couples admit to arguing over bad toilet habits. The most common cause of argument is leaving the seat up, followed by leaving a mess and making noises.

Over seven out of ten people would refuse a potential partner if they had poor toilet etiquette but it is unlikely they would know about their toilet etiquette straight away.

Sixty per cent of couples in a new relationship would wait around two and a half months before they went to the bathroom in their other half’s house.

The survey found that we use the toilet for a number of reason, including social networking and escaping the in laws.

Newspapers have been replaced with new technology such as iPads and smartphones and 31 per cent of people admit to using them whilst on the toilet.

Four out of ten Brits use the toilets as an extension of their office and send emails, Skype and work on important documents and 25 per cent admit to going on Facebook and Twitter whilst using the toilet.

The toilet has overtaken the shed as a space for solace and tranquillity, with 52 per cent admitting to retreating to the toilet to escape from partners, children and in-laws, with 55 per cent of women using it as their quiet space.

Nearly three quarters of those polled said they come up with their best ideas on the toilet, showing that our humble lavatory remains the source of inspiration for the nation.

Television presenter and personality, Kim Woodburn, Domestos’ ambassador and etiquette expert for World Toilet Day, said, “This survey shows how our toilet etiquette is really going down the drain and whilst it’s good to stay in touch with friends using the latest gizmos, not everyone wants to see your toilet face!

“Whilst we can use the toilet to escape in-laws or send tweets, 800,000 billion people suffer the humiliation of not being able to go in private. As well as flushing away those bad toilet habits, I hope everyone supports World Toilet Day by visiting ‘The Public Toilet’ to help the millions who aren’t able to go in a clean, safe place.”

To kick-start the campaign, Domestos is placing a giant art installation in the form of a five metre tall squatting sculpture, entitled The Public Toilet, in Potters Field Park, Tower Bridge, London next to the Mayor of London’s office.

The sculpture will have a screen for a face so the public can support the campaign by uploading a short five second video (or a photo) to be screened live on the sculpture via the website.

Created by Andrew Shoben, who famously created the interactive, moving Monument to the Unknown Artist statue beside the Tate Modern in 2007, the statue’s digital face will allow the UK public to show their support for World Toilet Day and all those having to use poor toilet conditions around the globe – a staggering 1 billion people globally continue to defecate in the open.

The knock-on effect of poor sanitation is seen by the startling figures that diarrhoea causes 800,000 million child deaths every year to die. Diarrhoea is the second leading cause of child deaths worldwide.

The Public Toilet for World Toilet Day and Domestos is at Potters Field Park, London from 18th – 21st November.


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