Men and Women Want Very Different Things When it Comes to ‘The One’

Men and Women Want Very Different Things When it Comes to ‘The One’

When looking for The One there are a number of attributes that we all look for but these differ in men and women.

For example, women said the number one reason they knew they had met The One was because he gave them emotional security and knows how to make them happy.

In contrast, men voted their number one reason as they were attracted to their partner and knew they were physically compatible.

Dating site who conducted the research found that physical attributes were also important to women with them voting Ryan Gosling as their perfect man.

His 6ft 2in, muscular frame combined with his blonde hair and blue eyes are what most women look for in a man.

The men named their perfect women as actress and Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

They favoured her 5ft 9in, size eight frame along with her fair hair and 34C bust size.

Although women did rate physical attributes in their top 5 reasons of knowing they had met The One, it only came in at number five making it much less important to women than men, who placed it top of their list.

The top five reasons women gave for knowing they had met 'The One' were:

1. He knows how to make me happy and gives me emotional security.

2. My friends and family see in him what I see.

3. He makes the mundane seem interesting.

4. We share the same priorities in life such as wanting/not wanting children.

5. I am attracted to him and we are physically compatible.

The top five reasons men gave were:

1. I am attracted to her and we are physically compatible.

2. I love her so much I do not desire anyone else.

3. She knows how to make me happy and gives me emotional security

4. We share the same life priorities such as wanting/not wanting children

5. She will look after me well.

Dating expert Helen Croydon said, “People can put too much emphasis on defining the things that make 'The One', often at the expense of enjoying the romance of a relationship.

“The most important thing is that your partner gives you the confidence and freedom to say what you feel and there's a genuine empathy between you and a shared feeling being wanted.

“Obviously if things are good, we hope these feelings will last forever but if you obsess too much about making that happen, you can forget to enjoy your partner in the first place.”

Helen believes that people need to look at the way they find The One differently. She said, “Look at finding 'The One' as a fun journey, not a checklist that that you have to tick off until you're satisfied that the destination's been reached.

“Besides, if things are right, your partner isn't likely to go anywhere, unless you scare him or her off with a load of checklists.”


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